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Types of Apples

Types of Apples: Some Delicious Information

Many different types of apples make for healthy snacking, yet are delicious. If you are looking to shed some pounds or trying to bring some glow in your skin, then nothing can be better than this tasty fruit!

Most types of apples are known to be red, but there several types of green apples and yellow apples, as well. Let us begin with a review of the types of red apples. 


types of apples



These dark bright red, juicy and tart apples are a favorite with bakers and households. You can make savory deserts and sauces with them. 


Red Delicious Apples


It originated in Peru. This ‘American apple’ is deep red, tall and thin and mildly sweet. It is a popular snack and a palatable salad ingredient too. 




This Japanese type of apple is big and delightfully sweet. It is used for snacking, making appetizing salads, pies and sauces. It freezes well for future use. 




This is a red apple with tones of green on its skin. Its succulent white flesh and spicy fragrance are delightfully inviting. 





Graven stein


Look out for this exquisite ‘heirloom apple’ next time you visit your grocery. It is a round, reddish green type of apple with a tart acidic taste. This antique variety is suitable for snacking, baking and making dry drinks. 


different types of apples

Wine Sap


Rarely found, these wine red apples can be cooked to make delectable dishes. They are however unsuitable for baking. They were a kitchen staple in olden times. 


Rome Beauty


It is a round, chubby apple with a red and green skin. It is crisp and tart. You won’t like to eat it raw as the skin is rather thick. You can make apple ciders with it. 


You can make scrumptious apple crumbles and apple crisps with it. This red and white type of apple is available from October to August. 


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Try out these different types of apples, perhaps with the help of an apple corer, to know how great they taste - words are inadequate to describe how yummy they are!